Together we raised $100,000!
Reverse Triathlon has been fundraising for 10 years!


10 YEARS x $100,000

A HUGE thank you to everyone that has helped us achieve our goal.

We are very proud to have donated over $100,000 to the Heart and Stroke Foundation.
This was made possible by each participant, volunteer and sponsor who contributed to the success of the Reverse Triathlon.



Why Attend?


100% of donations collected are  given to the Heart & Stroke Foundation to help fund and promote health and heart research.

The Reverse Triathlon has hosted 10 events at the Beamish Family Cottage.
Join us next year for another fun and social event to benefit the Heart & Stroke Foundation. Friends and family will participate in a triathlon fundraising event.

Celebrate with a free afternoon BBQ to thank everyone for their hard work!



We have two races so everyone can join, from armchair athletes to pro riders and the rest of us in between!


as we bike, run and swim to the finish line in the Extra-Long or Long Race stages.


to help on race day to ensure a smooth and successful Reverse Triathlon.


Sign up here to join the Reverse Triathlon.

Race Info


Event Date: Saturday, June 24, 2017

Registration: 9am
Race Start Time: 10am

For location and maps please view our Race Info page.